Bayview Placemaking

BPP logo_275What is Placemaking?

Placemaking is about making our place, our community, our own.

It is about us as residents embracing the place where we live, beyond the boundaries of our own living rooms and backyards and extending our sense of ownership to include our streets, parks, waterways, native bush reserves, shops, Community Centre, schools etc.

It is about extending our sense of responsibility to include the well-being of our neighbours and other community members.

What’s our vision?

Bayview, a thriving, caring and connected commUNITY.

Who are we?

The drivers behind this project are Bayview residents who care passionately about our commUNITY. If you live, work or play in Bayview, or simply love our commUNITY, there’s no need to join, you’re already part of us but we’d love to connect with you!

For the legal stuff, we’re a sub-committee of the Bayview Community Centre, but otherwise we’re a pretty informally organised, organic group, a bit like a big family.

What do we do?

Our over-riding goal is to connect Bayview community members with other Bayview community members.

We facilitate a community Facebook page, send an e-newsletter and organise events, activities and projects so residents can meet and work alongside each other to make a positive difference in our community.

Some of these include:

  • Living Neighbourhood Native Bush Restoration Project with Gecko Trust
  • Neighbourhood Support Groups
  • Meet the Neighbours Picnic (annual event in February)
  • Easter Family Event (annual event)
  • Youth group (year 6 at school plus)
  • Community art projects
  • Practical support e.g. meals for families going through a rough patch


How to Get In Touch

Join Bayview Placemaking Project Facebook page.
(Note: This is a closed group. You will receive a private message asking you to confirm you live in Bayview.)
Join the e-mail newsletter list.
Join Neighbourly.
Call Shelley Pilkington, Chairperson 021 172 7110.